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About the Massage Booking


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The Massage Booking is an online directory of massage therapists and massages businesses that provide professional massage therapy. Our aim is to help individual massage therapists, professional body workers and massage venues to set up and build a successful online business. In order to help massage providers succeed, we created a powerful platform with various marketing tools that allows more and more people to find the right treatment and massage provider wherever they are.

Building a successful business in massage today takes much more than professional standards and great technique. Those who complete their massage degree face a real dilemma after leaving school – they want to stay independent and build a successful practice but many of them do not know how to start or they do not have enough resources to build a thriving business. That is why the Massage Booking was created. We are committed to helping small individual practices achieving their goals by offering an affordable solution that will take them to the next level. If you are one of those massage therapists who want to make it on their own rather by joining bigger massage corporations, sign up with us today. We are here to help you grow and make regular income as well as establishing your regular clientele.

Finding and booking your perfect massage has never been easier. Discover and meet new therapists and massage places nearby, check out their reviews, opening hours and prices – all in one place.


We work with professional massage therapists, salons and businesses that provide various massage treatments.

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