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Couples Massage London | The Massage Booking

Couples Massage London

A Couples Massage allows partners to experience massage together in the same treatment room when two different massage therapists work on you and your partner. Spas and massage locations continuously offer special massage deals for couples as a sort of romantic getaway. It is a unique, pampering experience that you can share with your wife, husband or significant other but it will suit best friends, mothers and daughters as well.

The tandem treatment is specially designed for couples who want to share a special moment and spend some bonding time together. Massage in duo can be the nicest experience as it takes away the embarrassment and lets you relax next to your loved one. Massage salons usually have a designated treatment room for couples where partners can have their massage treatment side-by-side. It is often in a romantic setting with complimentary treatments, champagne and lounging facility that allows partners to spend a good time together.

Couples can usually choose from a number of treatments, like deep tissue massage, aromatherapy or other relaxing massage types. It is also a great way to introduce a partner to massage who has never gotten one before. The massage you choose can be the same or different than your partners. It is still a personal experience so you can have a customized treatment that suits you. If you are not sure about which massage style to try, your massage therapist will be more than happy to assist you with your choice.

For whom do we recommend couples massage?

Couples massage is ideal for those who want to spend some relaxing, intimate time together. It is a great surprise present for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions! Check out what are the best places for couples massage in London and book yourself an unforgettable massage treatment now.

Book couples massage London with massage therapists in London or visit a massage place for an aromatherapy treatment!