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Popular Therapeutic Massages in London

Regular massage for your well being

Find out what is the most popular massage treatment in London. Useful tips and advice on different types of treatments and recommendations. Massage is part of a healthy lifestyle that helps to improve your overall health. Due to its countless benefits massage has been popular not only among athletes but people with a hectic and stressful lifestyle, too. Regular massage therapy can contribute to a healthy and glowing skin, it helps reducing the signs of ageing, lowers blood pressure and is great for improving circulation and stimulating the healthy functioning of our inner organs. Massage therapists suggest having massage on a regular basis to receive the most benefits of massage therapy.

How does massage treatment help with fatigue and stress relief?

Stress relieving body massages will allow your body to have the rest it deserves. Massage is a natural healer and its purpose is to help you restore good health and release stress and strain from your body. Do you often feel stressed and anxious? Do you find it difficult to have enough sleep? Does stress affect your mood? If your answer is yes, then surely you could use some time for yourself to have a massage and let the stress disappear. Chronic fatigue is also one of the side effect of our hectic life. Massage therapy could be beneficial if you experience symptoms of tiredness, suffer from migraines or muscle pain. Massage therapist will work on your back, neck, shoulders, head and face to soothe and calm your body and relax sore muscles.

Swedish massage uses kneading, effleurage, friction, petrissage and vibration to relax you and help you sleep better
Deep Tissue massage targets deeper layers of muscle tissue and is great against stiff muscles and knots
Try Sports massage after your workout that helps strech muscles and prevent injuries
Lomi Lomi massage from Hawaii mimics the waves of the ocean for deep relaxation
Reflexology massage works on the sole of the feet and stimulates body parts through reflex points
Pregnancy massage is for expectant mothers to help with pregnancy related issues
Couples massage with two massage therapists giving massage at the same time for the couple
Jet lag massage combines gentle massage technique with scalp and face massage
Four Hands massage is a synchronised massage style performed by two massage therapist
Thai massage is very popular and great for stretching and fight muscle stiffness
Lymphatic drain massage boost your metabolism and works on your lymph system
Aromatherapy massage target different issues such as insomnia, fatigue, depression, digestion
Full body massage is a type of massage of your choice that covers the whole body from head to toe.
anti-cellulite massage is a hands-on treatment that targets fatty tissues on certain areas of the body.