Mr. fiorilli

Italian Masseur in London
  • 5.0/5
  • 1102 view(s)

Mr. fiorilli

Italian Masseur in London
  • 5.0/5
  • 1102 view(s)

About Mr. fiorilli

Every client is a new encounter. Sport and Holistic massage blended for your needs.

I moved from Italy to London two years ago because I believe in the power of change and I was looking forward to starting a new important chapter of my life. I\u2019ve always believed that ever encounter, whether with a friend or a client, is a unique experience.As a therapist, I aspire to respect and deal with that uniqueness. I came to massage therapies not because I want to \u201cfix someone\u201d but because I want to support the various needs of my clients in order for them to make effective changes. In my work as a massage therapist I try to address the person in a comprehensive way. There is a powerful communication between the mind and the body which I believe is essential. My role is to facilitate this process at every level and for every client.<Holistic massage and <sport-remedial massage are two of the skills which enable me to understand how to assist clients. I like to tailor the massage for and with each individual client, working to relax the whole body, stretch the tight fascia and invigorate the muscle tone.Holistic massage is generally a full body treatment, however, if required, we will together agree to focus on a particular area. I am also <trained in trigger point therapy, myofascial release and deep tissue massage.Holistic massage:relaxes taut muscles;liaids lymphatic drainage;lireleases toxins;libenefits the \"whole\" in many other positive ways;Physical and emotional stress can be reduced through therapeutic touch and a myriad of other restrictive problems can also be alleviated.\r\nTo further strengthen my


  • Massage therapist  

    Sole trader


  • Holistic Massage Itec level 3  ( - Oct, 2016)

    Richdales Institute

  • Sport and remedial massage   (Sep, 2017 - Current)

    Richdales Institute

  • ITEC Sport massage Level 4  (Sep, 2017 - May, 2018)

    RIchdales Institute

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  • Reviewer

    Jamesbunmy Humberston

    1 year ago

    A session with Guiseppe isn’t your run of the mill massage. He has such extensive knowledge of anatomy that he knows exactly where stress and tension in one part of the body impact upon others. As a regular gym-goer and runner I suffer with niggles and aches all of which melt away on Guiseppe’s massage couch. Add to this the fact that Guiseppe has a calm, gentle and relaxing manner. I guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby after a visit to Guiseppe. My only regret is that I live over an hour away, otherwise I’d be booking appointments every day.

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