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Mobile massage London and full body massage service by professional massage therapists. The Massage Booking is the leading London massage directory that promotes individual therapists and massage venues. Our aim is to help professional body workers expand their business and build a larger client base. We provide an online advertising space for qualified massage therapists and massage salons who offer therapeutic massage service in London. Are you a London based massage therapist looking to meet more customers? Get your profile listed on our page and start earning more money.

Mobile Massage London

Therapeutic massage London by independent mobile massage therapist and massage salon


Mobile massage London by top professional massage therapists. Are you looking for a FULL BODY MASSAGE in London? The Massage Booking has dozens of both female and male massage therapists who are based in all around London. Discover the top places for a massage treatment in your area and don’t miss out on finding the BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST near you.

Can you think of a better way to relax than getting a massage at home after a long day? You could be having a massage treatment in the comfort of your house in less than an hour if you opt for a convenient MOBILE MASSAGE SERVICE. All you need to do is to select your preferred type of massage and your favourite massage therapist who will visit you.

We can also help you find the NEAREST MASSAGE in your area. Just type in your postcode and we will show you all the salons, spas and massage venues that are located near you. We listed some of the TOP RATED SALONS for your convenience that offer professional massage treatments. Book pampering  full body massage treatments by the best female masseuses or male masseurs.

Not sure which massage style is best for you? Read more about the available massage treatments and learn about the difference between a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE and SPORTS MASSAGE. If you are new to massage it might be worth to try a SWEDISH MASSAGE or AROMATHERAPY that are both whole body treatments designed to relax your joints and muscles. Speciality massages, such as THAI MASSAGE or REFLEXOLOGY target specific problems and are also available in many places.

Learn About The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Massage

Regular Massage Therapy Will Maintain and Boost Physical and Mental Health


Massage has been a popular way to relax the human body for centuries. It not only helps to reduce physical aches and pains, but also tackles stress related issues that affect your body and inner well-being. We collected some of the top health benefits of massage treatments that will want to make you come back for more:

  It reduces stress: massage therapy calms your body and mind by lowering cortisol levels

  It relieves pain and muscle soreness: it blocks the nervous system pain receptors and boosts blood flow to the muscles

  It improves your circulation by increasing oxygen flow to the connective tissue and muscles

  It increases flexibility by relaxing muscles and lubricating joints

  It detoxifies your body by stimulating the flow of toxins and impurities from the muscles, organs and tissues

  It helps you to enhance and maintain a good health by lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system

  It boosts your immunity that contributes to your overall well-being and helps you fight illnesses easily

  It eases tension and headaches: regular massage therapy can effectively tackle migraines

  It helps you sleep better: if you suffer from insomnia related issues, massage can also be part of a holistic treatment that aims to reduce those issues

  It feels amazing: massage will leave you so relaxed as a good night's sleep - by releasing endorphins in your body it can make you feel like a new person




 Best Home Massage London

Find out where is the best home massage in London. London is one of the greatest cities in the world when it comes to massage. The continued growth of the massage service industry demands more and more qualified massage therapists. As a result, massage has become a desirable career choice for many. Given the large number of available independent therapists, booking a massage has never been easier. It is only a matter of seconds to find and book a body massage anywhere in London. One can browse and choose from hundreds of available female masseuses and male masseurs or different body treatments.

Some of the most popular massage service types are full body massages where you are pampered from head to toe. Sports massage, deep tissue massage and hot stone massage are all full body treatment targeting the whole of your body. However, there are other therapy types that focus more closely on a particular segment of the body. Reflexology and Feet Massage are an example of these treatments that are highly sought after among massage recipients. Reflexology is an alternative medicine, during which reflexologists stimulate ‘reflex point’ on your feet, hands and head to produce an effect elsewhere on a correspondent body part.

 Mobile Massage Therapist in London

Independent massage therapist in London are highly on demand! If you want to book a massage appointment all you need to do is to look for a masseuse and pick up the phone. Before contacting your therapist, check out their profile details, learn about their services, prices and availability. Also, you can select your preferred massage type and find out who is offering that massage treatment close to you. Most of the massage therapists are trained and experienced in performing a wide range of massage treatments.   Massage is just what you need when feeling stressed or tired. According to massage therapists, the lack of sleep, stress or anxiety, a sedentary lifestyle or excessive workouts can all lead to muscle related problems in our body. It is best to consult your massage therapist before your treatment regarding your specific needs. Your therapist can suggest the most suitable therapy for you that is perfectly tailor made for your individual needs.

Visiting Massage London

Have you ever tried a visiting massage London service in your home or hotel? Home massage has become extremely popular in the UK due to the lack of time and its convenience. People choose to relax at home instead of going to a massage place. Having a massage treatment in the comfort of your home, hotel or office is a great way to unwind. Mobile massage providers offer a full range of spa level luxury massages to rejuvenate and relax you. An outcall mobile service is often the best solution if you do not have much time or want to book a late night massage session. 

 When you book a visiting massage service, your mobile massage therapists will usually come with a foldable massage table. You can truly relax this way and let go of all the worry you may have. 

Massage Spa Near Me?

 Fancy spending this weekend in a massage spa near me? Explore which spa or venue offers the best rated massage treatment near you. Spa treatments include different body rituals designed to pamper you to the fullest - true relaxation is guaranteed! If you do not have a whole afternoon to spare however, why not find a last minute massage near you? You can discover real gems and you don’t have to break the bank. Affordable massage places are almost every corner in London with reasonable prices and skilled massage therapists.

Massage spa days are a great way to spend your weekend after a hectic week at work. If you would like to surprise your partner, look for the best couples massage deals near you. Find hundreds of spa and massage locations for your next massage.