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While most people assume that reflexology is only another name for foot massage, this is not the case. Reflexology is a form of alternative therapy that applies pressure to the feet and hands (and sometimes ears) utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. The aim of such therapy is to relieve tension and promote good health. Among the numerous benefits of this therapy, patients report improved circulation, better sleep and stress relief. Thus, one can say that this therapy enhances the overall well-being; however, it does not substitute any medical treatment.


Reflexology was originally introduced in 1913 by an American doctor called Fitzgerald. He named this treatment the zone therapy which referred to the division of the body into 10 zones. The treatment focuses on the so called "reflex points" on the sole of your feet and hands. These points coincide with different organs in the body and are linked to those organs by "energy channels", "zones" or "meridians". Reflexologists claim that by manipulating the specific zones or areas on the foot, one can improve health.


Regardless of your health issue, a treatment will include the whole of your feet starting with your toes. Reflexology practitioner will apply gentle or firmer pressure on different points in your feet that correspond and manipulate your inner organs such as kidney and glands.  Indulge yourself with a blissful massage therapy and let our professional therapists treat you with an expertly crafted feet massage.


For whom do we recommend it? 


This treatment is a method of relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands. Thus it is recommended for everyone who want to reduce symptoms of stress, injuries or similar type of illnesses.

Book reflexology London therapy with a qualified massage therapist in London or visit a massage place for a reflexology treatment!.