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Full Body Massage London | The Massage Booking
Full Body Massage London | The Massage Booking

Full body massage

Generally speaking, full body massage is a type of massage of your choice that covers the whole body from head to toe. Based on your preference, it can be a specific massage style or a mix of different massage techniques. Unlike other massage types that focus on a specific body part, a proper full body massage will cover the whole of your body that relaxes you completely. During the session, you can guide the massage therapist to concentrate on the areas you need the most attention to. Normally, your therapist will massage your back, arms, hands, legs, feet and head, too. Throughout the treatment you will be covered with a towel and the therapist will expose only those parts that he or she is working on.
Your comfort level is one of the most important thing during such treatment so always remember to communicate with your therapist. If you require less or more pressure or you experience discomfort, do not feel embarrassed to let your masseuse know. Have fun with your massage and experiment what feels right and what doesn’t. It is good to keep in mind, that the purpose of any massage treatment is to make you feel good and refreshed. If you would like to have more information on what happens during a full body massage treatment, you will find many video guides on the internet, too.

Whom do we recommend it?

This type of treatment is suitable for everyone regardless of age and gender. Ultimately, massages have countless healing qualities, that you will feel afterwards. The whole purpose of a full body massage is to address the entire body rather than concentrating on one issue. This holistic approach will not only tackle specific problems but give you the opportunity to get the most benefit of your massage.