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Anti-cellulite Massage

Just like any other massage types, anti-cellulite massage is a hands-on treatment that targets fatty tissues on certain areas of the body. This massage is designed to put pressure on those areas that are mostly affected by cellulite. According to popular belief, cellulite can only affect people with sedentary lifestyle or an unhealthy diet but this is not always the case. People who are physically active and fit can also suffer from cellulite on the hips, buttocks, thighs or arms. So how does this massage work exactly?

Anti-cellulite treatment aims to break down the undesired fatty tissue so that the skin can become smoother and tighter. The massage will enhance blood circulation and help with the oxygen flow in the soft tissue that contributes to the successful reduction of cellulite. This massage type is quite vigorous and can cause you a bit of discomfort during treatment. In order to reduce cellulite, massage therapists usually combine different methods to achieve results. This includes firm kneading, knuckles technique, wringing and brush technique. Some of the techniques can be painful but after a couple of session the discomfort can become less.

During the process therapist usually use special creams, lotions and scrub to increase the overall effect of the treatment. In some cases, therapist resort to the use of special anti-cellulite cups that can effectively improve results. Massage therapist will place those massage cups over the affected area and glide them back and forth on the skin. These cups create vacuum which will improve skin texture by boosting lymph and blood circulation.

For whom do we recommend it?

Anti-cellulite treatment can greatly benefit people who have mild to medium cellulite issues. It can greatly improve skin texture and smoothness and help you achieve a firm and toned body that you are after. One can achieve lasting results when combined with a regular workout regime, plenty of water and healthy diet.