How to cleanse and detox your body with massage

It is finally spring time, the season of new beginnings and as we leave the cold and dark months of winter behind us we want to feel fresh and light on the inside and outside, too.

Hitting the gym or starting a new diet or health regime can all help us to look and feel good in our body and massages – being a great part of your spring cleansing routine – can play a very effective role in achieving our desired goal.

Massages not only help you to feel relaxed and refreshed but can improve circulation, the immune system and skin texture and also getting rid of excess water and fat. Massage techniques that work on your lymphatic system will also support the elimination of waste and optimal functioning of your body.

Detoxifying aromatherapy oils applied during a massage therapy session are especially effective to help you kick start your spring cleansing regime and boost circulation, energy and vitality. Try a lymphatic drainage massage today, book your first session now.

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