How to Prepare for Your First Massage

Regular Massage Therapy will help you relax and maintain good health

Massage should be a time of complete relaxation and let-go, a pampering time dedicated for yourself. The right atmosphere, background lightening, scented candles and your favourite music playlist can all add to a pleasant experience.
To give you the best possible time for your first massage session, we collected some of the most important tips on how to prepare for your treatment. Professional massage therapists are dedicated to give you a relaxing, stress-free experience.

1. Before your session
Prepare your room. Light some candles, prepare a couple of fresh towels, take a shower or bath and have your favourite music ready. Please do not have a heavy meal 2 hours before your appointment. Our staff will come prepared with everything you need for your massage session.

2. Starting your massage
After your therapist arrives she will give you a few moments to comfortably disrobe and lay down on the bed covered with a towel. She might have a short consultation with you before starting your session to fully understand your specific needs regarding the treatment.

3. During the treatment

It is all about you. Please feel free to communicate with your therapist during your session so that she can adjust pressure and technique in order to give you the most effective treatment. Relax your body and mind during your massage and let the therapist take care of you. Mutual respect is expected from therapist and massage recipients both.

4. After your session
After completing your session, you can take a few moments to relax while your therapist is waiting for you to get ready. Have a glass of water or warm tea Please feel free to contact us and leave a review about your treatment. We look forward to welcoming you for your first session with us!

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